Jim & Bryon, Vancouver

Author: YU+ME Design Inc. |

YU+ME came highly recommended by Allen Hemmelgarn and Alex MacWilliam at Inspired Renovations LTD, whom we have been using for decades now due to their high-quality custom work. It didn't take us long to discover why she was their chosen interior designer.

Yumi is friendly, polite, and knows her stuff! She spoke with us to get our requirements, wishes, thoughts, and pie-in-the-sky wild ideas. Soon thereafter, having coordinated efforts with Inspired Renovations, she visited us with her design proposals and sample materials. The design went far above and beyond what we could have imagined ourselves. It was clean, functional, striking, and just simply beautiful.

After construction, we threw a "just drop by for hors d'oeuvres" gathering so our friends and neighbours could see the results. Jaws dropped. Our new kitchen blended perfectly with the rest of our open-concept condo, while still catching the eye with subtlety arresting features. We were not surprised when several attendees wanted Yumi's business card.