Common Mistakes People Make When Furnishing Their Home

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There are endless possibilities on how you can furnish your space and personalize it to make it your own. For a layperson who has never furnished a house before, it might be a bit puzzling considering the intricacies and finer aspects of interior design. Moreover, a small error can cost you thousands of dollars and may even end up affecting the ambiance of your home. 

Therefore, it’s best to enlist the services of an interior design company that will consider your needs, preferences, and lifestyle, and tie all these components together to design a home of your choice. Working with an interior design company will also ensure that you sidestep some expensive mistakes and furnish your home in an optimal manner.

However, if you’re furnishing your home on your own, YU+ME Design Inc. has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when furnishing their homes. 

1. Looking for furniture without measurements=
We’ve come across many people who look for furniture without measurements and end up buying furniture pieces that are either too large or too small for the room. They need to check the dimensions of each room of their home before looking for furniture.

2. Overlooking their lifestyle and needs
People don’t think about their lifestyle, needs, and requirements when buying furniture and end up regretting it later. They need to pay attention to how they want to use the space and make sure that it works for them; otherwise, space won’t be fully used.

3. Not understanding the ambiance they want to create
People don’t have a clear idea of what style or mood they want to create before deciding on furniture and accessory pieces. You can start by selecting some inspirational images from magazines, Pinterest, Houzz, etc. After picking a style, ensure to stick to it when selecting your furniture. 

4. Allowing other people to decide
We’ve seen many clients ask their friends and family’s opinions and get affected by their preferences and choices too much. When furnishing your home, you need to focus on your preferences and needs. Remember that it is your home and your family and friends are not the ones living in the space. Be true to your needs, not theirs.

5. Not paying attention to the quality
Buying items just for their looks, and not for their quality is a mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Poor quality items won’t last long, and in the end, you’ll spend more money than you intended to. Instead, invest in top-quality products. 

6. Forgetting to consider lighting
Lighting is important to accommodate what type of mood or ambiance you want to create in the space. Once you have a clear understanding of how you want to use the space, you will know what type of light sources are required to fit your needs.

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