How To Start Designing Your Space?

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People always ask me where I get my design ideas.

To be honest, ideas are all around you. One of my favourite ways to start is choosing a favourite fashion image.

Here is an example – a chic dark blue jacket with a pair of red shoes from JCrew.  It’s chic and at the same time, it’s playful.

Home Renovation Vancouver BC

1.Black woven cotton rug by Dash & Albert 2.Rune Kelly Lounge chair for Tacchini Italia 3.Modern Classic Beige Linen Sofa by Kathy Kuo Home 4.Tray coffee tables by Hay

I would like to share with you some steps to help to get you started and excited about your design project today:

Step 1: Choose an image you love – what makes you happy and excited?

Step 2: Determine the primary color you want to use for your space.

Step 3: Determine the style you want to create – modern, sophisticated, classic, casual, traditional etc?

Step 4: It’s time to start designing – selecting the right furniture.  It's better to start with large furniture first such as a sofa, a dining table, a bed before starting with small items.

Step 5: Select accent pieces – in this case, I have chosen the red accent chair and the dark blue and white cushions to make the space interesting and personable.

Step 6: Determine if you need to add more items.

Step 7: Do you feel great in your space? Be proud of yourself and enjoy your creation.

Please keep in mind, before starting furniture shopping, make sure to have all the measurements of the space you want to furnish! By doing this preparation, you can save a lot of time and energy. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact me and I am more than happy to discuss your project!