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Why interior design firms in Vancouver prefer wooden surface

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Fields of study such as Neuro-architecture (an emerging discipline that blends principles of neuroscience with architectural design) and Biophilic design prove that the structure of spaces influences the housing quality of an environment and its occupants in different ways. With this in mind, one of the resources that have been used by interior design firms in Vancouver is wood in interiors.

Wood in interiors: more relaxation

According to many renowned interior experts, the presence of wood in interior design contributes to lower stress levels in occupants. The wooden surface stimulates a reduction in the activities of the human body's sympathetic nervous system. It also reduces heart rate, BP, and stress. Another study carried out a comparative analysis between wooden and plasters indoor environments.

The conclusion was that wood stimulates more positive sensations in occupants. Contact with natural elements itself tends to impact the physiological, psychological and neurological responses of human beings, resulting in less stress and more relaxation, good mood and productivity. Interior design firms in Vancouver that promote this sustainable practice are easy to work with!

Acoustic advantage

Wood has a porous nature capable of providing acoustic benefits to interiors, such as sound attenuation and absorption, which increase the acoustic comfort of occupants without the need to include other structures in the environment. The acoustic insulation capacity of wood adapts to different spaces. This makes its use extremely flexible, as it can be applied in places ranging from a library to a school gym.

Air and environmental quality

Whether through use in furniture or in the infrastructure of environments, the presence of wood in interiors is also capable of increasing indoor air quality. The material acts like a sponge that absorbs or releases moisture, keeping the internal atmosphere balanced. Thus, humidity increases when the air is dry and reduces when the atmosphere is humid.

Wood reduces the release of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds into environments. It is considered hypoallergenic. This characteristic means that there is no accumulation of particles on its surfaces, facilitating cleaning and improving the health of the interior.

Thermal comfort with wood in interiors

One of the best advantages of wood is its ability to provide thermal comfort in indoor environments, making them more welcoming and cozy. This attribute is made possible by the low thermal conductivity of the material, which makes it a natural insulator.

It is also why wood is present in many architectural projects done by interior design firms in Vancouver. Both for its use in decoration and for covering surfaces, it maintains pleasant internal temperatures inside, absorbing little heat on hot days and cooling the environment less on cold days.

Floors with uncomplicated maintenance

Every day, simply use a vacuum cleaner or soft-bristled broom to remove dust and dirt, followed by a cloth dampened with water and wrung out well. For deeper cleaning, interior design firms in Vancouver recommend using specially designed wooden floor-cleaner. These products don’t damage the floor and leaves a gentle cleansing aroma on the area.

Diversity of applications

Another reason why interior design firms in Vancouver prefer wooden infrastructure is the diversity of application. They can be installed not only on the floor, but also on ceilings and walls – always enhancing the environment.

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