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7 Open Kitchen Interior Design Ideas for Small House

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Kitchens are frequently neglected, resulting in confined spaces and disorganization. Yet, advancements in technology and architecture have introduced innovative concepts to tackle space limitations and enhance kitchen layouts. While you may not be a professional designer, having a general understanding of modern modular kitchen styles is helpful when discussing open kitchen designs. 

Every element in the kitchen, from lights to cupboards, influences its appearance. For the best results, consider consulting an experienced kitchen interior design expert in Vancouver.

L-Shaped Kitchens

Make the most of your space by adopting the L-shape kitchen design. This method allows for efficient use of unused areas, providing organized storage for items and accommodating electrical appliances and other equipment.

Focus on the Kitchen Dimensions

Ensure your modular kitchen is both functional and appealing. When planning the layout, include walkway space on one or both sides of your counters, island, or peninsula counter. This adds a practical and aesthetic dimension to your kitchen design.

Use of the Wall Spaces for Smart Kitchen Design

When aiming to save space, a clever small modular kitchen is the solution. In a compact area, it's crucial to explore small kitchen ideas, considering the layout to make the most of every inch. Opting for a line of kitchen cabinets along one wall is an excellent way to simplify and open up the space. This is a top kitchen space-saving idea, especially beneficial for small spaces, making the most of limited room in kitchen interior design in Vancouver.

Two-Shaded Kitchens

Designers use a clever trick to create a spacious look in small kitchens. They paint the lower part in a dark color and the upper part in a light shade. This visual technique tricks the brain into perceiving more space in the kitchen than it actually has.

Eliminate Upper Cabinets

Open shelves are practical and make accessing dishes and glasses much easier. When considering your kitchen design, think about it architecturally. It may not always be necessary to have upper cabinets, especially if the ceilings are high, like 10 feet.

Use a Statement Chandelier to Create a Focal Point 

Potted greens add instant freshness and visual appeal. In this compact kitchen, there are pale green cabinets, an abstract backsplash, and a striking rattan chandelier. A nearby small dining table can serve as an extra preparation counter. 

The dramatic abstract backsplash brings intrigue and drama. These modular small kitchen interior design ideas in Vancouver are not only aesthetically pleasing but also harmonious. Add thoughtful interior design elements like artwork or unique wall textures to enhance the overall ambiance.


Brighten Up a Small Kitchen with Natural Light to Make It Look Larger

For a small kitchen style, use a skylight and large windows to bring in plenty of sunlight, creating a bright and airy space. Add dark green cabinets, gold accents, and dramatic chandeliers for a touch of glamour. Implementing these small-space kitchen interior design ideas can make your kitchen appear larger than its actual size.

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