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5 interesting home interior design styles Vancouver

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Living should be fun! The best way to achieve this is to invest in home interior design in Vancouver that suits your lifestyle and attitude. Therefore, the right decoration is not only a matter of taste, but also of personalization. But which style best suits you? It’s not so easy to keep them all in mind when furnishing your dream home with style. Look at these 5 interesting home interior design styles.

Minimalism: Can it be a little less?

Minimalism home interior design in Vancouver is all about pure, exquisite functionality and aesthetics. With the art of exclusion, minimalism crowns modern lifestyles. White, black and matte gray or neutral tones predominate. The simple-looking interior with clear lines and smooth surfaces also impresses minimal design with its modesty. Between clean materials such as glass, metal and plastic, natural light guarantees dynamism and liveliness.

Industrial Style: the charm of a workshop!

Industrial home interior design in Vancouver turns spaces into optimal living spaces. Whether in a loft, an old warehouse, a factory, or workshop, elements such as exposed bricks, concrete floors and wooden beams, pipes or suspended metal lights create a raw atmosphere. Antique stainless steel lockers, vintage chairs and bare light bulbs with colorful woven cables combine perfectly. Fixtures in warm, bright shades of brass or copper help refine the mechanical industrial charm. Rustic interiors accentuate the industrial atmosphere.

Scandinavian: elegant, bright and natural

The motto of Scandinavian home interior design in Vancouver is “Keep it simple”. The interior design of the far north reflects the relaxed mood of the Scandinavians and is always simple, with clear contours and natural materials. The pleasant white, pastel and gray tones accompany the furniture made of solid fir, birch or pine wood. Illuminated by candlelight and carefully placed lamps, richly textured fabrics such as wool, leather and soft blankets create the typical Danish atmosphere. Glass and porcelain vases with prints or floral arrangements provide fresh, lively accents.

Boho Style: creative interior

Boho home interior design in Vancouver is known as hippie style. However, long before the hippies, the English bohemians escaped bourgeois monotony and pursued the unconventional with an eccentric and creative lifestyle. Vintage furniture and decorative accessories are imaginatively combined in a light-colored environment. Voluminous armchairs, embroidered cushions and printed blankets are arranged alongside hand-woven fabrics with oriental motifs, macramé wall decorations and rugs. Light, natural earth tones can be happily combined with strong colors such as orange, violet or turquoise blue.

Scandinavian design combined with Wabi-Sabi

They are 8000 kilometers away and now they are in our homes with JAPANDI style: we are talking about Scandinavia and Japan. While at first glance it seems like a daring fusion, both styles complement each other wonderfully, even with their differences. Light colors and simple shapes bring order and calm to our hectic daily lives. The Wabi-Sabi aesthetic concept is also integrated into the JAPANDI home interior design in Vancouver.

Did you like these 5 styles? The scope for creativity in interior design is massive. If you want to invest in modern home interior design in Vancouver that speaks affordability, style and elegance, kindly get in touch with YU+ME DESIGN: the finest interior design company near you.