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Choosing the proper bathroom niche is a challenging task, as there are niches in the most diverse materials, such as marble, granite and porcelain. However, porcelain is one of the best materials, offering durability and functionality. Best interior design firms in Vancouver often introduce porcelain in their bathroom remodeling projects, as it is entirely waterproof – great for wet environments.

The style and format of the niches can generate doubts. Therefore, we have put together tips and inspirations for those who want to hire interior design firms in Vancouver and give their bathroom a new look.

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Advantages of Porcelain Niches

Best interior design firms in Vancouver prefer using porcelain because the benefits of selecting a niche model for a porcelain bathroom are diverse. One of the main benefits is the ease of installation and finishing, making placing the niche more practical and faster.

Another positive point is the resistance and durability of the material, which provides a longer useful life for the niche. Ease of cleaning and maintenance are also advantages. After all, porcelain tiles do not absorb moisture, preventing the accumulation of dirt and mould.

You can choose different colors and designs so the niche adapts to the bathroom's decor style. Finally, porcelain tiles are also a sustainable material with a low environmental impact.

9 bathroom niche model inspirations

Now that we know the benefits of choosing a niche model for a porcelain bathroom let's explore some model inspirations for your project so that you can define your preferences for interior design firms in Vancouver.


The minimalist porcelain bathroom niche model is ideal for elegant decoration. Using neutral colors and a simple design helps integrate the niche with the other elements of the bathroom. You can even choose a niche model for the bathroom with the same covering as the wall.


For those who want vibrant and eye-catching decor, a colorful porcelain niche could be the perfect choice for interior design firms in Vancouver. Porcelain tiles can be found in various colors and shapes. Choosing a more elaborate design or a different color to highlight the niche is possible.


A vertical porcelain bathroom niche can be an exciting option to optimize space in small bathrooms. They also bring a touch of modernity to the environment and can have shelves.

In the bathtub

Next to the bathtub, the porcelain niche can support traditional products, candles, and bath salts that help you relax. Have you ever considered relaxing in a soaking bath with all the necessary items right next to you? The niche provides this practicality without taking up more space.

Next to the bench

Porcelain niches following the countertop can help with organization and facilitate access to personal hygiene items. Furthermore, they can be an essential decorative element in the composition of the environment.

With built-in lighting

Lighting can be an essential element in enhancing the bathroom niche. Using lights strategically, you can highlight the place and create a cozier environment.


Bathroom niches with marble coverings are an elegant and sophisticated option to decorate the space. With different color and texture options, you can ask interior design firms in Vancouver to choose a design that fits perfectly with the bathroom style.


Woody porcelain bathroom niches are a warm and welcoming option for the environment. Today, several shades of wood are available, so you can choose a design that harmonizes with the rest of your decor.


Two-color bathroom niches can be a creative and modern option for decorating the space. Combining contrasting or complementary colors brings a touch of personality and makes the area more fun.

The Best Interior Design Firms in Vancouver

So, do you want to turn your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and style? The decision to renovate your bathroom is an investment in both your comfort and the equity of your property. Contact YU+ME DESIGN, one of the finest interior design firms in Vancouver, and consult with a professional interior designer.

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